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We know the secret of a truly delicious sushi


14520321_1191984674206512_2169560262014094870_nWe know the secret of a truly delicious sushi, not only because we have a skillful chef Sang Keun, but also because we know their origin.

Homeland initial sushi were countries in South Asia. Peeled, cleaned fish are stacked in layers, pour salt and falls under the stone press.

Several weeks later removed and replaced with stones light cover. It takes several months, during which the fish to ferment, and then it was considered ready for use.

Some restaurants in Tokyo still offer the original land called narezushi, made with freshwater carp. This dish is so strong and pungent smell that it makes it difficult to identify the fish from which it is cooked.

This was before 1900, when a talented chef named Yohei decided to abandon the putrefaction process and serve sushi in the form of today has become traditional, that is, gave the fish moist. Innovation quickly became popular, and then there were a variety of cooking styles.

Impeccably fresh and delicious sushi can always try in our restaurant. Waiting for you!

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