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The culinary heritage of Italy


14390670_1184818008256512_7103347748474462393_nToday we will share the secret of authentic Italian pizza. Intrigued? It’s simple – the dough.

To make use of the highest quality flour from soft wheat. The meal contains a high percentage of protein.

Yet there is such a thing as flour strength – the ability to create a dough which, after mixing and fermentation has certain properties.

In addition, when preparing flour is added to the dough, made from durum wheat, and is called “Durum”.

It should be noted an important point – Italian pizza dough must be thin! And yet, when rolling out dough rolling pin may not be used in the course are only the hands. In this case, are obtained curvy edges.

Another little secret is to add olive oil to the dough. It is considered not only one of the important ingredients of gourmet pizzas.

Try what is it to taste real Italian pizza, you can always with us. Come on!

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